About Us and Our Goal

 The SPCA of Tennessee have saved and give over 10,000 homeless animals in Tennessee, a second chance to have a happy ending.  We can always asked ourselves…. how can we all make a difference in the state, and giving the animals a second chance? – Working together is the KEY of a successful ending.   As a  founder and President of the SPCA of Tennessee I will like to invite everyone to join our cause  to make Tennessee better and be proud of our state. We need volunteers, fosters, and I need someone who will be our main speaker to tell our story of what we’ve done for the animals . We need SUPPORTERS AND DONATIONS to continue our work in the state. To be able to be SUCCESSFUL all it takes is  people with commitment, determination to make a dream come true. 



For the Bully’s we are ONE- Bound by passion and determination The SPCA of Tennessee is trying to create a program. How can we let people understand the importance of choosing the best dog breed for their family. For example, bully breeds have simply a bad rap. It takes to be a responsible owner when you are adopting a dog. It is commitment and people have to realize that dog will be come part of your family. He/She might have some issues that sometimes doesn’t start being noticeable but with patient and determination can be resolved.

In 1960 the Pit Bulls came from England and were bred to protect children. They were brought into families to be like a nanny for their little ones. As you may remember, one of the main characters in the movie  “The Little Rascals” was their dog “Spot”, he was a Staffordshire Terrier. He was loyal to the kids and their best friend. Sometimes we go to shelters and so many dogs are not even look at. How will you know that one of these overlooked dogs could be the perfect match for your home. Take the time to meet each dog, hear their story, listen to what the shelter staff has to say. Then, look into their eyes and see it for yourself. These wonderful dogs have special hearts and souls…Everyone deserves a chance…