Apollo Story





On March 26th, two proud, beautiful German Shepherds welcomed a new litter of six puppies into the world. All the puppies were thriving with their mother’s love and finally, they were all ready to try puppy food. It became apparent that one of the puppies wasn’t able to keep the kibble down. He was losing weight and not engaging with his litter mates. A veterinarian diagnosed him with a condition known as “Mega-esophagus.” Food and water would collect in esophagus and not make it to his stomach. Without the resources to provide full time care, this puppy faced certain death. The SPCA was contacted to intervene.

The SPCA, arranged for a foster mom to take over his care within hours of his scheduled euthanasia. With specially prepared food and frequent, attentive feeding, Apollo began to gain weight and was beginning to look and behave more like a puppy every day. At ten weeks old, he’d already learned basic commands and was completely housebroken, all while being the happiest, cutest ball of fur anyone had ever seen.


Unfortunately, as we are often cruelly reminded, not every story can have a happy ending. Despite the initial hopeful results during the first few days, Apollo once again was not able to eat or drink. After a day of severe vomiting, a veterinarian was consulted, and conclusion was made that Apollo’s condition was the most severe form of the illness. He had become weary and the decision was made to end his suffering. With heavy, broken hearts, the decision was made to give his tired soul a peaceful rest.


The proceeds from this fundraiser will go to the SPCA to offset the cost of Apollo’s veterinary expenses, so other dogs will have the opportunity to be rescued and placed into loving forever homes.