Ocean Waves

Our minds are like Ocean Waves full of emotions, turbulences deep inside of us; In the animal world, they can understand us, and they react depending on how we are feeling at any specific moment in our lives. For Example, how many of us come home from work, and don’t feel like talking to anyone just having a quite moment and petting our best friend?. Everyday life in general make us feel empty and lost at times. Animals are the only ones who can understand our emotions and makes us smile again. They make us feel comfortable and strong, looking forward to overcome all obstacles that we will encounter everyday. We can talk to them we can share those special intimate thoughts and we know that they will never betray us in anyway. Animals are our best friends in good and bad times. They will always be there for us…always. Let’s protect them, love them and always be there for them……


Don’ Ever forget who is your best Friend!


9 Ways that our Animals can improve our lives:

1. They can help improve self-esteem

2. They can help reduce the risk of allergies

3. They can help reduce our negativity


4. They can help reduce loneliness

5. They make us feel supported

6. They help make us want to stay healthier

7. They can help make us less stressed

8. They draw other people to us

9. They can help stabilize our blood pressure