Dean Miller The Dog Counselor

The SPCA of Tennessee has been working with Dean Miller for the past 10 years. He is an amazing trainer.



Dean Miller has a lifetime of experience with dogs. “From the time I can remember I have had a house full of pets,” Dean says. He began studying dog training and animal behavior with his very first dog. Over the last 15 years,  he has moved on to a more serious development of a unique training style and the ability to work with owners and their pets.

“I was always the person my friends called when they needed help with their animals,” Dean says.

 “After a while, I realized this was my calling.”

Dean began training privately with dog owners in their homes, as well as teaching classes and leading seminars on dog behavior. “I have always felt that knowing the environment that a dog lives in is a huge part of understanding their behavior,” Dean said. “Training the owner to understand their dog is just as important as training the dog.”

Working with positive rewards and loving motivation, Dean helps his students learn to please their owners because they want to, not because they are forced to.

Dean has studied extensively, taught classes and seminars, expanded his education over  many years and lives his life teaching dogs.

“But nobody was quite doing it the way I thought it should be done,” Dean said. That’s when he started developing his own expanded method of dog training and motivation. “I wanted to pass on the things I’ve learned through my years and years spent living with dogs,” Dean says. “I also wanted to expand and refine my knowledge in a way that would be helpful to other people. I wanted to improve people’s relationships with their dogs and provide tools for a happy, healthy environment for both owners and their pets.”


Every dog-owner relationship is unique. Whether you want your dog to be a top-notch superstar or a laid-back family companion, our personalized services will respect your individuality and that of your dog.
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“I don’t just teach dogs, I change lives.”

Dean Miller has developed a powerful and revolutionary new approach to dog training. His teaching methods begin to show results in the first few minutes. In fact, in one hour, most dog owners find they have changed their relationship with their dog for the better. 

Dean Miller is a trainer and behavior expert highly skilled in achieving quick and effective results in communication between dogs and their owners. “It’s not magic,” Dean says. “It’s just a matter of understanding where your dog is coming from and speaking that language.”

Dean has been training dogs and studying their behavior for over fifteen years. Over time, he began developing a style and approach to dog training uniquely his own. “It starts with listening and speaking to your dog in a way that he or she understands. It’s not difficult. In fact, once you understand your dog’s point of view, training is easy!”

“First, I like to speak with the owner and get an idea of their dog’s individual situation,” Dean says. “That way, I can get a better idea of the circumstances and sometimes even ‘translate’ for the owner what their dog is trying to tell them.” 

Dean offers private instruction in obedience, behavior problems, aggression and various other dog and owner related issues.  

He also teaches seminars across the country on dogs and the way in which they change us for the better.