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TROUBLE THE DOG® is a global children’s character made entirely in America. A large percentage of plush Trouble the Dog® purchases are made by families of kids who want to give something special to a friend going through a hard time. Whether he’s giving courage to a child who struggles with shyness or offering companionship to a young cancer patient during chemotherapy, Trouble is “on call” 24/7.

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The force and founder of TROUBLE THE DOG® is Sheila Duncan who has worked passionately to raise awareness of the issues children face when facing difficulty or tragedy. It took Sheila much time and energy to locate a factory in America that would make Trouble. Finally she found the Stuffington Bear Factory in Phoenix, AZ that was willing to manufacture this special toy whose mission is to comfort children going through hard times. Trouble has brought hope to children impacted by the Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and 2010 Haiti earthquake. The sweet pup also regularly comforts young people undergoing chemotherapy and other medical treatment, along with kids with autism and others who have trouble expressing emotions.


Sheila Duncan is President of Larkin Ltd., the holding company for the global children’s character, Trouble the Dog. Trouble was initially drawn by Sheila’s then 12-year-old-niece, Kendra, after a number of family cancer losses in 2006. Sheila calls that moment divinely inspired. Kendra wanted to help other kids going through tough times. Since then, Sheila has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the issues children and their families are facing in today’s world. Kids need love, comfort and most of all, hope. Trouble is not simply a plush dog, but a proven coping mechanism for those facing difficulty. Kids can feel his energy. This generation of children is more stressed than any before them – bullying, homelessness, family instability, and substance abuse are but a few of the challenges they face. “On call” around the clock, Trouble is a cost-effective and powerful therapy dog that can make a real difference to a child in crisis.


Once upon a time childhood was simple. Children just played. Not anymore.

Kids are pressured at school and over-exposed to technology at home. So many are dealing with poverty, bullying, illness… and worse. It’s just not easy to be a kid anymore.

So we created Trouble. Trouble the Dog® is a global children’s character. His iconic, expressive face attracts kids like a magnet. Children can feel his energy. Amazingly, Trouble helps kids hope, believe, and dream. He touches their souls. Trouble absorbs worry and makes children smile.

Trouble product offerings include a custom doghouse made of sturdy, white cardboard and neatly folded for delivery. It’s a blank canvas waiting to be decorated with the designs only a child can imagine.

The Trouble proposition is simple. It’s the ultimate comforting toy that also allows kids to create, express their emotions, and simply play.