Caring Hearts

The SPCA of Tennessee Directors and Coordinators would like to thank all of our supporters, fosters, volunteers and Donors. Thank you for supporting our mission and empowering us in our lifesaving work. Through your contributions we are able to service approximately 10,000 since 2005 providing enrichment programs, adoption, spay and neuter, behavior counseling and training. Your support truly saves animal lives. Without the support of the community and people like you we could not do what we do.

The SPCA of Tennessee is mainly run by volunteers and people devoted to save animals lives.their lives to the safety. We appreciate all the support that you can give us to make sure we can be saving more animals in Tennessee. All monetary donations are welcome without your help the SPCA of TN won’t be able to do the work that it does.

Through many years we had devoted sponsors that believe in our work and has given us the opportunity to connecting families with their forever best friends.


th-4 Banfield Animal Hospital in 100 Oaks supports the SPCA of TN caring for the SPCA animals care.

The Zoetis Shelter Program – Commitment to Shelters

Since the launch of our Shelter Program in August 2011, shelters and rescue organizations have saved more than $7,000,000 off list prices on purchases of vaccines as well as other pharmaceuticals. This is money they can now put towards other priorities like adoption.

These shelters signed up for the Shelter program and now are able to get ongoing significant discounts on Zoetis vaccines for the benefit of their shelter and the pets in their care. If you are a nonprofit organization (including municipal agencies) that shelters cats and dogs, you may be eligible for this program on purchases related to animals in your care.












Friends Fur-ever

The Friends Fur-ever Adoption Gift Bag Program is a free program that’s designed to assist you in helping new pet owners get used to the responsibilities of pet ownership.




Home Again

Be always safe and microchip your dog or cat, you never know if one day your best friend is missing.



Rover offers an affordable and personalized alternative to traditional boarding facilities.–tn–dog-boarding/