Adoptable Dogs

Bear is a 10 year old Newfoundland mix. He is a sweet dog but his family had to moved to Philippines and now he is looking fro his forever home.




Alex is a 10 year old Malamute mix who was dropped at PAWS by the owner. He decided to keep the other 2 younger dogs but no Alex. Alex is looking for her forever home.

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 Roscoe is a 4-year-old treeing walker coonhound and is in search of a loving, forever home.


Beau, aka Mr. Beauregard, is an approximately 5 year old neutered Rottie mix that just recovered from heartworm treatment. He is UTD on his shots and is about the size of a German Shepherd (he weighs about 48 pounds). Beau gets along with other dogs and cats, and does not chase his foster’s farm animals, but he loves being outdoors. He is a good watchdog as far as his wonderful bark. He is chill and independent, and well behaved. Beau came from a bad situation, so he needs a patient forever home or foster.



Brandi is a 8 year old Boxer/lab mix. She is the most wonderful girl you can ever meet. She is sweet loving and housebroken. She deserves to be the Queen in somebody’s life. She gets along with other dogs. Brandi and Marko came from the same home and they loved each other.



Marko is a Rottie/Lab mix he is around 5-6 years old and he came from the same place where Brandi was. She is a great dog and loves to play with other dogs. He was separated from Brandi to a different foster home and he was extremely sad. She is going to be unite with Brandi today at the same foster home. Marko and Brandi came from the same home and they love each other.



ADOPTED Tucker is a beautiful black Labrador Retriever he is 2 years old and so sweet. Tucker is loyal and he likes to be right next to you to protect you and to be your best friend. He is very smart and he learns so quick any commands that you will teach him.




ADOPTION PENDING Bo is an adult 9 year old Black Labrador Retriever who came from PAWS. He was an animal surrender because the family was loosing their home. He is sweet loyal and so laid back. 




ADOPTION PENDING Lucas Is a 4 months Yorkie mix. He was found on the streets by a wonderful couple. He is being foster by one of my Coordinators. He is a sweet little guy.



ADOPTED Sam is a gorgeous 6 months old Catlle Dog (Blue Heeler) He is sweet. However, he was not doing well at PAWS at Murfreesboro and we decided to give him a chance. We have a temporary foster but I will love to find a permanent foster or a forever home for Sam.



ADOPTED Hoss is a chocolate  Labrador Retriever he is sweet and gets along with other dogs. He is at Robertson County Animal Control. I am looking for a foster home or a forever home for Hoss.



ADOPTED Dottie is a 2 year old Hound great with other dogs and people. I need a foster home for Dottie or a forever home!