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Dean Miller


Trainer and Behaviorist

 Dean Miller has been helping the SPCA of Tennessee for close to 10 years with training and behavioral problems with adopted dogs.Dean Miller has a lifetime of experience with dogs. “From the time I can remember I have had a house full of pets,” Dean says. He began studying dog training and animal behavior with his very first dog. Over the last 15 years, he has moved on to a more serious development of a unique training style and the ability to work with owners and their pets.

“I was always the person my friends called when they needed help with their animals,” Dean says. "After a while, I realized this was my calling."


 Phone # 615-429-2688



When you adopt a dog in our program , we believe is important to have a trainer not only for the dog but for the family who is adopting the dog. Dean usually charges $150.00 but with our program the price will be $100.00 and you will make sure that Dean will make you feel at ease when you take your new best friend home.

Dean began training privately with dog owners in their homes, as well as teaching classes and leading seminars on dog behavior. “I have always felt that knowing the environment that a dog lives in is a huge part of understanding their behavior,” Dean said. “Training the owner to understand their dog is just as important as training the dog.”

Working with positive rewards and loving motivation, Dean helps his students learn to please their owners because they want to, not because they are forced to.


Learning your purpose

Dean will assure you that you will be please with your new family member. If you decided to do more classes with him. you can always call him and he will be happy to continue helping you with any issues with you new best friend.

Dean has studied extensively, taught classes and seminars, expanded his education over many years and lives his life teaching dogs.

“But nobody was quite doing it the way I thought it should be done,” Dean said. That’s when he started developing his own expanded method of dog training and motivation. “I wanted to pass on the things I’ve learned through my years and years spent living with dogs,” Dean says. “I also wanted to expand and refine my knowledge in a way that would be helpful to other people. I wanted to improve people’s relationships with their dogs and provide tools for a happy, healthy environment for both owners and their pets.”


Animal Medical Hospital

Animal Medical Hospital has been supporting the SPCA of Tennessee for years. Dr. Wojo is an amazing Veterinary Doctor who has taken care of so many of our dogs. 

1200 Highway 96 Burns, TN 37029



Hillsboro Animal Hospital

Hillsboro Animal Hospital is run Dr. Ladd and his son as well as other wonderful veterinaries. He always has been so supported to help the SPCA of Tennessee as well as my personal pets.

2297 Bandywood Dr. Nashville, TN 37215


Low Cost Vet Clinics


Pet Community Center



Dr. Richard Adams

943 Adams Dr. Nashville, TN 37207






 720 Blythe Ave Gallatin, TN 37066



Beesley Clinic


Beesley Clinic

2215 Keeneland Commercia Blvd lMurfreesboro , TN 37127


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Behaviorist Training

Behaviorist Training

Tractor Supply in your county offers vaccines and microchip and heart worm test. They have a Pet Vet once a month in their store. Check for details! Please note: They do not offer Rabies vaccinations. This must be performed by a licensed vet. 


Behaviorist Training

Behaviorist Training

Behaviorist Training

Dean Miller The Dog Counselor



Pet Pals

Behaviorist Training

Pet Pals

Pet Pals at Maury county offer spay and neuter voucher for families with low income to help prevent the overpopulation in the state.

Foster A Pet


Fostering adopt your best friend

 If you have a place in your heart and home for animals—but you’re not prepared to adopt—consider fostering for The SPCA of Tennessee. Our foster care program lets animal lovers bring pets from shelters into their homes on a temporary basis to prepare them for adoption. We know it can sometimes be a challenging experience – in the love you invest, the commitment it takes, and, eventually, in saying goodbye to a pet that you’ve nurtured for an extended period of time. But know that what you do matters. Every pet that’s fostered has a better chance at a happier and healthier life ahead with a forever family.

 Animals in need. As a foster parent, you may give a mother dog/cat and her kittens/puppies a place to live until they are old enough for the entire family to return to the shelter for adoption. You could care for a cat with an upper respiratory infection until he feels better, or help rehabilitate a dog with a broken leg that is healing. We might have sometimes animals that need your care, especially older animals who truly benefit by spending time away from the shelter before they find their forever homes.


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Fostering may last anywhere from two weeks to several months, depending on the pet’s needs.


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The foster family is expected to provide good quality food, exercise, socialization, a safe place to eat, sleep and play, and most of all, love. Although it’s a family affair, children should never be left alone with or made responsible for the care of a foster pet. Foster families are not expected to place the animal. Ideally, pre-approved potential adopters should be able to meet the animal at the foster home, although other arrangements can be made. The foster parent should observe the interaction and answer questions, and if there are any incidents that lead the foster parent to doubt the advisability of the match, it should be noted and reported to the foster coordinator. Foster families are encouraged to make recommendations but do not approve or deny an adoption. 

How much you choose to spend on your foster pet is up to you. Some foster families want to assume full responsibility for care, but it’s certainly not a requirement. We can provide necessities like crates, litterboxes, toys, beds, etc. and food if needed. Generally, any medical care including testing, vaccinations, or worming will be done prior to placing the animal in foster care, except when not advisable due to age or condition. Additional veterinary care will be paid by TNSPCA and must be approved in advance by a foster coordinator, who will also schedule appointments. Foster families may be asked to transport an animal to the vet for spay/neuter surgery or other treatment.