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jack Jack -


“Jack” is a super-sweet 6-month old beagle mix who was abandoned at a local Tractor Supply when he was just 6 weeks old. A loving couple took him home; however, they are unable to permanently adopt the little guy as they have a 20-year old terrier who doesn’t quite appreciate Jack’s puppy nature.

794 Angelina -

Angelina Pit is a sweet and loving pittie mix. Angelina is white and fawn, she is three years old. She needs a home without cats. Angelina is looking for a loving forever home!


Casey Casey -

Hello! My name is Casey and I am a 1 year old Lab mix. I am so loyal happy boy. I am looking for a active family who will give me the time and love that I deserve. I do well with other dogs and I love people and children. Walks in the park at [...]


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Even One Dollar Can Make a Difference in an Animal’s Life

The SPCA of Tennessee has been helping animals for the past 7 years and, with your help, will continue to rescue more animals in need. However, all our funding comes from donations so we would appreciate your support! There are two ways you can donate:

1. Go to our website at spcatn.org and click on the donate button – or you can also donate directly from our Facebook page.

2. If you prefer to donate by check, you can mail it to the address below:

SPCA of Tennessee

P.O. Box 1014

Brentwood, TN 37024-1014

The SPCA of TN is a non-profit 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support of the SPCA of Tennessee and for helping us to continue rescuing those animals that need us!

Help Make Our Dream Come True

Our dream is to also one day have a home of our own – a place where our rescued animals can live, recuperate, and receive the necessary support, services, and care until their dreams come true of having a family of their own. We are 100% staffed by volunteers, and all of our rescued animals are fostered in volunteers’ homes. This limits the number of animals we can rescue, forcing us to turn too many animals in need away. By establishing our own home, we will be able to expand our ability to offer critical services and support to the community, and help more animals in need. Not only will we be able to temporarily house rescued animals, we hope to have a low-cost clinic on site for spay and neutering services and immunizations, and to offer training in pet behavior to our fosters and adopters.


For the Bully’s we are one

Bound by passion and determination, The SPCA of Tennessee (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and MACC (Metro Animal Care and Control) are becoming partners in 2014 to join the cause to help the Bully breeds. Unfortunately, most of the time, these deserving dogs get overlooked by the public due to misconceptions about the breed.

In 1960, the Pit Bulls came from England and were bred to protect children. They were brought into families to be like a nanny for the little ones. As you may remember, one of the main characters in the movie “The Little Rascals” was their dog “Spot”, who was a Staffordshire Terrier. He was loyal to the kids and his determination was to become their best friend.

Last week, The SPCA of TN and MACC had a wonderful meeting; the main purpose was come up with a strategy to help Tennessee become more aware of the attributes of the Bully Breeds. What is the best way to get the true story out about these wonderful breeds.

Education is a HUGE part on this program. How can we let people understand that not every Pit Bull is automatically a bad dog. Bully Breeds simply have a bad rap. It is so important to first be a responsible owner when you are adopting a dog. It is a commitment and people have to realize the dog that you are adopting will become a part of your family. He/She might have some issues at first, but with patience and determination they can be resolved.

We want to make sure to let families know that dogs are never born mean. Unfortunately, humans are the reason that some dogs become that way. These cases of neglect, abandonment, cruelty and just ignorance are the main cause of the dogs being the way they are. MACC as well as the SPCA of TN are aware of so many cruelty cases in Davidson County and surrounding areas.

The Stafforshire Bull Terrier – commonly known as Pit Bulls – can be great family pets. MACC adoptable dogs go through and intense assessment to make sure the dogs could be great family pets.

Where the door opens at MACC and families go through adoption you will see those sweet loving eyes begging to take them home. You see the small cute pups, and the ones that because of the breed or color they get overlooked.

Take a moment to look at the big ones that you just passed by. These deserving dogs only want to kiss you and give you their paw. These intelligent dogs just want to be loved by a human. They might not be an adorable puppy, but they surely could be your best forever friend.

How will you know that one of these overlooked dogs could be the perfect match for your home? Take the time to meet each dog, hear their story. Listen to what the shelter staff has to say. Then, look into their eyes and see for yourself.

These wonderful dogs have special hearts and souls. Give them a chance and you’ll know it’s a perfect match.

MACC and the SPCA of TN are here to make a difference and make sure that you find that special forever friend you’ve been searching for. And, he/she just might be a Pit Bull.

Thank you Spencer Hissman Shelter Director And Rebecca Morris PR and Marketing Director for including the SPCA of TN in this great cause.

Celina Weissenborn President and Founder – Cindy Williams PR and Marketing Director.

Be the one who SAVES ME: Every Minute Counts….I am holding on because I know you can reach my hand!

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