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The SPCA of Tennessee is a chapter in Tennessee that doesn’t receive any help from the ASPCA. If you want to donate to help animals in Tennessee donations need to be made on our website.

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  Our Mission Statement

The SPCA of Tennessee is a volunteer-operated, non-profit organization dedicated to helping animals in need. Our purpose is to facilitate the adoption of unwanted animals; to provide a good quality of life for homeless pets; to reduce the abuse and neglect of the ones who have been left behind due to irresponsible ownership, through rehabilitation and adoption, and to seek to reduce the number of homeless animals in the state of Tennessee. Further more to able to provide public education in how to care for the new family member; as well as the importance of spay and neuter, to limited the amount of puppies in the state. We hope to be able to end animal cruelty and suffering in our state and beyond through awareness, providing a safe haven and protection for abandoned, abused, neglected, and unwanted animals, and to promote animal welfare through counseling that mutually benefits both animals and people. The SPCA of Tennessee is a 501c3 non-profit organization.


There is definitely a difference between the people who love cats and dogs; however the most important part is that they love them! We would like to get your feedback through a written letter or via email. We are also looking really hard for volunteers who can help us in different areas in our organization. Please remember we are all volunteers and all of us have a full time jobs and responsibilities. We would love to have you being part of this amazing TEAM!


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I want to GIVE a BIG THANK YOU, to all the special people that have supported the SPCA of Tennessee through these 10 years. It would not have been possible to accomplish all the adoptions and to get these wonderful animals to a safer place without their help. Our main goal in 2016 is to make people more aware of the importance of SPAYING and NEUTERING their pets and to help families that encounter difficulties with their pets by providing the guidance and support that they need. Animals are part of our families and we need to treat them with care and respect.




Our love for animals and our desire to protect and help them drives us to save their lives everyday.




Don’t Ever give up on your dreams because giving up will never give you success

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Take your BEST FRIEND for a car ride they love it as much as you do! Best companions EVER!


 How can you make a difference in an animal’s life….Don’t forget it is all about them!


Did you know that many wonderful dogs and cats are overlooked at shelters across the nation every day simply because of the color of their fur? Black is the most common color of dog that you’ll find at any shelter. Most shelters find that black dogs, especially large ones, are often the most difficult ones to place.
As an adopter, you can make difference in the life of shelter dog. Join others in experiencing the joys of having a black dog in your life and adopt one today!
We all want to save more lives each year. And the number of animals we can save depends on the number of people who open their hearts and homes to foster them. Young kittens and puppies need foster care until they are old enough to be spayed and neutered. Adult pets who are injured, undergoing heartworm treatment, or have recently given birth need foster care until they are well enough to find their forever homes. You can give these special pets a second chance by fostering.
One of our goals is to keep pets in their home and to educate adopters making their transition process as simple as possible. We hope the following sections of our website will aid you in the care of your pet.
Pet Care: Not all pets have the same needs, nor do they all come pre-trained. Please consider this, and do the appropriate research to help you in the care and training of your pet through all stages of their life.
Pet Safety: Each season brings a new safety hazard to your pets. However, you can be prepared and keep your pet safe from harm.
Pet Friendly Housing:  Before making a move, learn how you can find a home that will permit you to keep your pet(s). 


If you need to report an animal cruelty case, please contact your Animal Control in your county. There are 95 counties in the state of Tennessee. Some counties are so small and they don’t have animal control. The Sheriff Department is in charge of the cattle and horses. 
The SPCA will be working on getting more involved in the cruelty cases involving horses and puppy mills. I need volunteers that are committed to the cause and want to help. Dedication, perseverance, and love for what we believe is what we are all about. If you are interested in joining our TEAM just fill out a VOLUNTEER APPLICATION on our website at www.spcatn.org 


Even One Dollar Can Make a Difference in an Animal’s Life

The SPCA of Tennessee has been helping animals in need for the past 10 years. It has been a long journey; however, with our determination and commitment we have been successfully able to re-home animals in loving forever homes. We had been so blessed to get all of the support from donations from people who have believed in our cause. The SPCA of Tennessee is run by volunteers and all our funds come from people who believe that animals need to be treated with respect and love. Help us help them and to give them a better life. There are two ways you can donate:
1. Donations as well as Adoption Fees can be done just CLICKING on the BIG BLUE PAW donate button – or you can also donate directly from our Facebook page.
2. If you prefer to donate by check, you can mail it to the address below:
SPCA of Tennessee
P.O. Box 1014
Brentwood, TN 37024-1014
spcaoftn@gmail.com or celina@spcatn.org
The SPCA of TN is a non-profit 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.
Thank you for your support of the SPCA of Tennessee and for helping us to continue rescuing those animals that need us!


“Keep Holding On”

Everyone has a dream and all dreams will come true, if you believe in never giving up. It is our goal  to be able to build an SPCA facility one day and to have a home for the animals in need. At this time we rely on fosters and volunteers to be able to help us in doing what we do. We will never give up on trying to make our dream come true, building a place where animals can be safe and loved until their families come along. In the meantime, we are working on fundraisers to be able to pay our pending veterinary and boarding bills, and educating families on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.



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I Have Done Something

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter…the cast-offs of human society.
I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness, and betrayal. And I was angry.
“God,” I said, “this is terrible! Why don’t you do something?”
God was silent for a moment, and then He spoke softly, “I have done something,” he replied. “I created you.”
Author Unknown

                                    “Saving the life of one animal may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one animal”