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Ranger From the Streets to the Best forever Home

kRanger came to the SPCA of Tennessee program a few years back. He was found on the streets. A family called me who wanted to adopt Ranger and I told them they had to go to the adoption process. They were so happy to take him home that day and I asked them to send me pictures of their home   and get also the contract filled out and signed. I didn't realize that Ranger was going to the most loving amazing family he could ever imagine to have. Joey and Rory Feek adopted him and they wrote a song.

Rufus and Ranger

In the second Joey and Rory tell the story about Rufus and how Ranger ended up in their lives.

Our Story

The Inspiration to Building a Dream

 I moved to Nashville, Tennessee 20 years ago from Miami, Florida with my 2 dogs, Princess and Maggie, Miniature Pinschers. Then Travis, the Dachshund came along and the story begins. I started helping Animal Rescues in doing transports, picking them up from shelters, taking them to the vet, doing home visits, and just getting more involved in the animal welfare. It was so rewarding seeing those cute faces finding their forever homes. I starting getting to know more about puppy mills- Animals suffering for being overbreed and people just selling them without proper Veterinary Care. A friend told me one day " We all have a past, We all have a story to tell... I am pretty sure these animals suffering with neglect have a story to tell as well.

I started watching The ASPCA programs and reading about difficult cases of cruelty, and it was so overwhelming seeing the suffering of these animals being starved to death, beating by their owners or just being left behind for no reason at all. I realize what I needed to do. I contacted the ASPCA in New York to started a chapter in the state. I file a non-profit status to do it the right way for people to understand the need of help the animals in Tennessee and southern states. The SPCA of Tennessee was founded Dec 2005 and we got our status on 2006. We don't receive any money from the ASPCA- every SPCA is usually a shelter with animal control. My mission is to built a place where animals can run free and, have special training, being checked and care as soon as they arrive to us and give everyone the chance that they deserve. I have great Board of Directors, and we all are volunteers with full time jobs. We all love what we do and we hope that with donations, our hard work that we do and determination our Dream will come true.

From Nashville to Miami Buddha went yeto his final destination.
From Nashville to Miami Buddha went yeto his final destination.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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About Us

Our Future Goal


The SPCA of Tennessee have saved and find homes to over 11,000 homeless animals. There is nothing like seeing"Happy Endings", and wagging tails when they are being loved for their first time. We can always asked ourselves…. how can we all make a difference in the state, and giving the animals a second chance? –Working together is the KEY of a successful ending. 

As a Founder and President of the SPCA of Tennessee for 13 years, I will like to invite everyone to  join our cause and to make Tennessee a better place for animals, and to be proud of their overcome. 

We need SUPPORTERS AND DONATIONS to continue our work in the state; to be able to be SUCCESSFUL - All it takes is people like "YOU" with commitment, determination to make our dream come true. 

We need volunteers and fosters to help us continue getting  the work that we do, until we can built a place for them - There are 95 counties in the state of Tennessee and some of those counties don’t have "Animal Control" and the Sheriff Department won’t do anything to help those animals in need. 

Animals don’t have a voice, we are  their voice, we are their only hope to be able to save their lives.

We want to create a partnership with  the social community, to help homeless people, as well as low income families to have a spay and neuter clinic, to lower the overpopulation in the state. Veterinary care can be very costly and some families don't have the money to care for them. They are animals that they get the help that they need by donating to their care; however they are many others  that they don’t have that  chance because of neglect, abused and careless owners. Dogs, Horses, Cats are being neglected and left without food and shelter in the hot and cold weather. Dogs are being chained and  get scrap from the table instead of dog food. Cats are being multiple because the females keep having kittens, Horses are being left in a  muddy fields, without any grass or hay to eat. So much to do in the state  but with YOUR help we can make Tennessee a better place for animals.

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Hillsong Song "What a Beautiful Name it is"

This video that will take your breath away!

About Us

Who is the cuties one. Each breed has a special personality that wins your heart.

Mission Statement

Saving lives if what we do, there will be always injured, helpless, homeless animals needing us along the way. We are here to give them a second chance. With your help we can make Tennessee a better place for animals. We should treat animals as humans wish to be treated. We believe in kindness and compassion for all living creatures, to improved their lives with a positive experience of caring and love. Our main goal is to develop, promote and create programs with new ideas how to help animals and to do what we say we do by building partnerships across the country to improve our resources in the state. We believe by working together we can save more lives    

Those eyes will win your heart forever.

Make a Difference


Did you know that many wonderful dogs and cats are overlooked at shelters across the nation every day simply because of the color of their fur? Black is the most common color of dog that you’ll find at any shelter. Most shelters find that black dogs, especially large ones, are often the most difficult ones to place.

As an adopter, you can make difference in the life of shelter dog. Join others in experiencing the joys of having a black dog in your life and adopt one today!

We all want to save more lives each year. And the number of animals we can save depends on the number of people who open their hearts and homes to foster them. Young kittens and puppies need foster care until they are old enough to be spayed and neutered. Adult pets who are injured, undergoing heartworm treatment, or have recently given birth need foster care until they are well enough to find their forever homes. You can give these special pets a second chance by fostering.

One of our goals is to keep pets in their home and to educate adopters making their transition process as simple as possible. We hope the following sections of our website will aid you in the care of your pet.

Pet Care: Not all pets have the same needs, nor do they all come pre-trained. Please consider this, and do the appropriate research to help you in the care and training of your pet through all stages of their life.

Pet Safety: Each season brings a new safety hazard to your pets. However, you can be prepared and keep your pet safe from harm.

Pet Friendly Housing: Before making a move, learn how you can find a home that will permit you to keep your pet(s).

The road of our dream. A place to call home and to help animals in need to live happy lives. DONATE to help us achieve our dream. Nothing is imposible when your mind is in the right direction and your heart never gives up.

Our Goal

 A place to run and be free, a place that they will never be alone, a place where will always be loved. Back in December 25th of 2005 there was a dream that I was always wanted to achieve to be able to help animals in the state of Tennessee. There are so many dogs  and cats being overlooked at the shelter and I wanted to be able to give them a second chance. 

I believe with proper patience and determination these animals can be rehabilitated finding forever homes. I decided to found the SPCA of Tennessee to improve the lives of so many animals that need us. I believe in faith, determination and hope. I hope that years   to come, will bring a brighter future for the SPCA of TN. I have never lost faith because I believe in miracles and my biggest one is to be able to built a place for them.  


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About Us

Cessalli is a chapter of the SPCA where will bring hope and a new beginning for younger generation to achieve their dreams.

Cessalli Give to Receive

 Cessalli involves hope and healing to be able to connect and encounter a beautiful journey, servicing and helping others to lead their life with love and understanding to be inspired to reach their path to a successful future.

Together we can make everything come to life.

Together we can Built a Foundation

No matter the time of day or night as long as you are rooted you will grow stronger with your faith. Any donation will give the animals a chance to live a better life and to the ones struggling with their personal issues the blessing and peace in their hearts. Everything is possible with Faith and God in our Hearts. 

After so many miles to run I am finally home.

Connect and Encounter

Cessalli - will be build on faith and support for people who believe in helping others, to believe in themselves, and grow stronger in their faith. For every dollar that you donate the SPCA of Tennessee will match your donation to help built a place where the ones who are suffering in their heart will find peace and love helping the animals in need. "We all have a story, We all have past" There is a part of a Christian song by Cody Carnes, Run to the Father that I personally love "My heart needs a surgeon, my soul needs a friend. We all go to physical and emotional trauma throughout our lives but nothing is impossible when you have God in your heart- Believe and feel his presence because he is part of every step that you take.